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Introducing Bodyport

We are a biomarker-guided digital therapeutics company that aims to address complex chronic conditions by embedding a sophisticated biomarker platform into simple, easy-to-use devices. With one simple step, every person can access comprehensive health insights in their own home. Now patients and their care teams can better predict, understand, and intervene in worsening health to prevent hospitalizations and improve quality of life.

At Bodyport, we put the patient at the center of all we do—transforming the way heart disease is managed.

Clinical Dashboard

Cardiac Scale

Patient Experience

BodyportTM for Heart Health

Introducing the first, and only, fully integrated solution designed to simplify and improve heart disease management by way of a novel, noninvasive biomarker platform built into a simple and easy-to-use scale. But it’s so much more than that.

Bodyport for Heart Health integrates a robust clinical dashboard and personalized patient experience, giving both patients and their care teams comprehensive, actionable health insights—when and where they’re needed.

Simple design, big impact

Easy-to-use cardiac scale

With one simple step, the Bodyport Cardiac Scale detects signals through a person’s feet and sends data to the clinical care team in seconds. Advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms noninvasively measure a broad spectrum of hemodynamic biomarkers to assess heart function and fluid status.

Robust clinical dashboard

With the Bodyport Clinical Dashboard, clinical care teams can easily monitor patient data and longitudinal changes in health status within the existing workflow.

  • Assess fluid status with the Bodyport Fluid Index, monitor heart function, and calculate weight for a complete picture
  • Flag and triage patients according to risk level
  • Detect, and intervene in, changes in a patient’s condition before they escalate
  • Use context-rich insights to tailor therapeutic actions for better outcomes
  • Integrate with EHRs using our API platform
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Bodyport Patient Portal & App

Personalized patient experience

The Bodyport Patient Experience—a user-friendly portal combined with convenient tools, resources, biomarker-guided coaching, and more—empowers patients to track their health, stay on treatment, and take action.

  • Get automated reminders, check symptoms, and log medication and diet
  • See personalized health trends and insights
  • Access educational resources and disease-specific learning modules
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and invite friends and family for support

Fully-integrated solution with powerful insights to improve patient care

Hemodynamic biomarker platform 

The new Bodyport Fluid Index—a measure of fluid status—and key biomarkers on heart function augment weight tracking and patient symptoms for a holistic, personalized assessment rich with context.

Simple, at-home experience

The novel biomarker platform detects hemodynamic signals through the feet in less than 30 seconds—making daily monitoring as simple and easy as stepping on what looks like a familiar, at-home scale.

Timely, effective interventions

Clinical care teams receive alerts and insights on patient status to triage support and take timely action. In addition, our personalized patient experience improves engagement and outcomes.

Meet the team

Our team strives for excellence in all that we do. 

The values we share, and how we embody them, has an amplifying effect downstream of our customers and patients that goes well beyond our service.

Let’s create a future together where every person is empowered to live fuller, healthier lives—and even, one day, live free from chronic conditions like heart failure.

Bodyport for Heart Health is just the beginning. Imagine where we can go next—with one simple step.

We partner with leading investors and institutions to advance the standard of care for complex chronic conditions

Research & Press

May 25, 2023

Study to Measure Accuracy of Unique Index for Early, Noninvasive Prediction of Worsening Heart Failure

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August 09, 2022

Bodyport Receives FDA Clearance for the Bodyport Cardiac Scale

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August 02, 2022

Assessing Heart Function and Fluid Status with Cardiac Scales: Interview with John Lipman, CEO, and Corey Centen, Founder, Bodyport

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