Comprehensive care. One simple step.

Bodyport is a biomarker-driven virtual clinic for the prevention and management of heart disease. We deliver advanced cardiac monitoring and continuous care directly to the home.

Virtual care for cardiac health

Simple at-home experience

Cardiac biomarkers in 20 seconds

The Bodyport Scale detects cardiac signals through the user's feet. A familiar form factor makes daily monitoring easy, consistent, and error-free.

Key indicators of health

Comprehensive health assessment

Key cardiovascular metrics, when combined with body weight, enable a holistic health assessment rich with context.

Precise remote interventions

Metric-driven, personalized care

Bodyport’s care coordinators help optimize care delivery through regular monitoring and effective interventions.


Out-of-the-box care

Everything you need to deploy virtual care for your patients:

  • Bodyport cellular-connected cardiac scale
  • Simple onboarding experience
  • Analytics platform providing insights into your population
  • Patient portal and educational materials

Bodyport can help you remotely manage heart failure

  1. Detect changes in status

  2. Personalize interventions

  3. Optimize care and coaching

Join us

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